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About us


Bridging Horizons is a government-approved nonprofit organization that strives to provide an equitable education to students in developing countries. Composed of only high school students, our team at Bridging Horizons is dedicated to using our resources to give opportunities to individuals in the field of education. Through                          and                          , we hope to successfully carry out our mission of imparting equitable education to all. 

Frequently asked questions


What is the purpose of Bridging Horizons?

The main purpose of our organization is fulfilling our mission statement: imparting equitable education amongst developing countries. We hope to do this with the execution of projects that give students around the globe new opportunities to learn and grow. Check our our project pages for more details!


What countries does Bridging Horizons target? 


Bridging Horizons strives to target as many developing countries as possible! Currently, our two projects are geared towards Indian teachers and students. In the future, we hope to expand to other countries around the world. 

What sets us apart from other NPOs?

Through our unique project ideas and dedicated board, Bridging Horizons stands out amongst the hundreds of different NPOs across the nation. Through conducting multiple interviews with both education systems, we found two crucial aspects of Indian education that we strive to better: rote learning and lack of female encouragement and ambition. We put our passion, drive, and hard work towards solving these specified issues, and are already making progress towards our goal - one school at a time. 


How can I get involved? 

Currently, the best way to get involved would be to give us suggestions and feedback as to what you think we could do better, or problems that you think need solving in different developing countries (in order to do this you can find the feedback form in our Get Involved page). In the future, we may have opportunities to do more, so make sure you keep checking our website for more information. Check out our other forms located in the Get Involved page for more options. Donations are also a great way to help us execute our mission statement and make an impact!  

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