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Shailee Sankhala

Project Director

My name is Shailee Sankhala and I am a co-founder of Bridging Horizons. Born in America from two immigrant parents, my views differed greatly from my other peers. Although I was well off, I always felt fortunate to enter a schooling system where I could get a good education. This isn’t the case for everyone. We created Bridging Horizons in order to share our privilege with others who don’t have the same opportunities as us. Being one of the Project Directors in Bridging Horizons, I founded and currently lead Project Fusion in order to improve education around the world. Outside of Bridging Horizons, I am also the president of Crossroads Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to decreasing the stigma of teenage mental health, and Mahatma, Martin, and Me, a club based on school peacebuilding, in order to increase the quality of education through many different factors.

Saachi Raju


Director of Development

My name is Saachi Raju and I am a co-founder of Bridging Horizons! I’ve always had the passion to share my knowledge among those less fortunate as I am a strong believer that everyone should be able to receive equal opportunities, which is precisely our purpose with this nonprofit. Some of my passions outside of this nonprofit include singing and expanding my knowledge of coding, web development, publicity, and more, in the hopes of one day going into this vast field. As the Director of Development for this organization, I will be coordinating and overseeing events, managing web development, connecting students and teachers, organizing sponsorships, and more!


Diya jain

Project Director

My name is Diya Jain, and I am a co-founder of Bridging Horizons! From when I was younger, I’ve always had a passion for using my privilege to help others, and this non profit is a way for me to combine my strong belief in the fact that everyone deserves a quality education, and my desire to provide opportunities to those who lack them. Outside of Bridging Horizons, I participate in activities such as Mock Trial and Debate, and aspire to be a future lawyer so I can further my ability to spark change in different communities. My role as Project Director means that I lead Project Ignite, and work to oversee and develop each of the projects.

Akanksh Divyananda


Logistics Director

My name is Akanksh Divyananda, and I am a co-founder of Bridging Horizons. Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about helping others, and this nonprofit organization gives me the chance to do just that. Having lived in India, I have experienced the unique lifestyle and culture, which makes the purpose of this nonprofit that much more personally meaningful. Outside of Bridging Horizons, I'm greatly interested in computer science and enjoy involving myself with activities such as robotics. In this team, my role as the Director of Logistics is to fulfill the financial and logistical duties of the organization.

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