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Project fusion

Our Purpose

Project Fusion connects teachers from America to other countries in the world to collaborate on the benefits of an applied based, project oriented learning system and rote-based learning system. By "mashing" together both learning systems, we hope to develop and deliver a curriculum strong enough so that our target countries as well as our own teachers in America will experience a mutual gain, bettering education for all. 

Curriculum Development process with Tiana Kallenberger- experienced, multiple subject credentialed educator located in Tustin, California 
Curriculum Development process with Prerna Rathod and Dave Rhodes- experienced, multiple subject credentialed educator located in Los Angeles and Rajasthan


Get Involved

The Rote Learning System utilizes memorization based learning techniques that are focused more towards preparing students for cumulative tests. By taking this system and discussing the benefits of interactive projects as well, the Bridging Horizons team hopes to create equitable learning opportunities worldwide. Take a look at our project research on the benefits and drawbacks of the Rote-System and Project-Based down below: 

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